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Frequently Asked Questions

Wonder what it is like hiring a Cold Caller from us? We try to make things as easy as possible. Using our different services, we can take care of training, managing, hiring, and replacing Va's for you. If you prefer, we can set up a dialer and manage the phone numbers so that they don't get burnt out. If you don't want to deal with the lists, we can create and build generalized lists for our agents to call and find you leads.

What makes Columbia Source different?

Many things make us special. We have a team that qualifies all leads that get sent to you. We also can provide tailored script writing for you. We have a vast network of clients we can connect you with for collaboration. Best of all, we make it easy and hassle free so you can free up your time.

What do we do for training?

We listen in on your agent's calls every single day. Personal 1 on 1's are held to work with each agent's individual needs and ensure performance KPI's. Weekly group meetings are held to discuss large-scale training.

Before agents ever hop on the phone we take them through an intensive training course ( at least 3 weeks ). We have them practice and hit our own KPI's before we deem them ready to join your team. We also provide training year round to keep agents sharp.

What industries do you support?

We support any industry that needs a daily cold caller. We can help with scriptwriting and list building for your business's marketing demands. We understand what customers prefer to hear in an outbound cold call. If you share some insight into your process, we can put an agent on with a script and a target and handle the details.

How many cold callers do you recommend?

We can talk about your sales goals with you to understand what kind of lead generation you need to build up your business at the growth rate you desire. Whether we start small and build up to larger projects, we can talk about your goals and how to reach them.

How much involvement do I have?

Short Answer: as much as you would like!

Long Answer: We can discuss what your needs are and build a plan for us to take a load off your back. If you would like an active role in the process we are happy to work with you. If you want your hands off, we can talk about what your needs are, and be available to you in the most convenient way for you.

What does it look like getting started?

Once we pull the trigger, we can set up an in-depth meeting to talk about what your process is so that we can integrate cold calling into your pipeline.

Do I have to provide any equipment?

Our Dialing system accounts for all the calling infrastructure that is needed. Including phone numbers, headsets, and  internet. You don’t provide anything.


If you have a dialing system already, we are happy to use yours as well!

Do you send any reports?

We send you personalized reporting weekly. You have the final say on what is included or excluded from these reports so you get the exact kind of data you are looking for, as well as weekly updates on how each agent is performing subjectively.

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